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View payments. Track and download unit-specific information.
Log in for summary and individual data related to your property/properties and tenant(s) enrolled in the Housing Choice Voucher Program.

     My Paymentsmost recent and past history

     My Unitsincludes past and upcoming inspections

     My Families: Lists the Housing Specialist, approved household makeup & next recertification date

     My 1099s: annual income form(s)


Save documents for your records in any of several formats (CSV, Microsoft Excel and Word, PDF).
If you manage more than one property and would like to see them on one account, please email IT@hasco.org with your current user name and the properties you would like on that account.


Terms of Service


This site is for authorized use only. The information contained herein may not be used for any purpose without consent from the Housing Authority of Snohomish County.

It is the responsibility of each approved user to take every precaution to ensure the information released to them, including passwords, remains confidential and is protected from exposure to or discovery by unauthorized persons. Contractor, its employees and agents, shall be prohibited from releasing any information directly or indirectly obtained from HASCO’s computer hardware, software and/or any related systems without the expressed written consent of HASCO’s Executive Director.

Changes to existing software, configurations and/or data are not permitted without prior approval of the Housing Authority of Snohomish Countys' IT Department. It is the Contractor’s responsibility to take all reasonable precautions to back up any agency data or programs altered by the Contractor prior to changing them, and to restore any data or programs lost or damaged by the Contractor to their original condition.

I/We request permission to perform the functions described above subject to the above terms and conditions.

I/We will take all reasonable precautions to guard all Agency information and computer access methods from loss or damage, and from direct or indirect exposure to unauthorized persons.

HASCO reserves the right to fully enforce this agreement through all available means and to pursue appropriate damages including, but not limited to, fees and costs, including attorney’s fees, for any violation of this agreement.

I/We agree not to disseminate any account information including usernames or passwords to unauthorized users and will notify HASCO immediately of any violations or unauthorized use.


Consent for electronic 1099s

If the recipient does not consent to receive the statement electronically, a paper copy will be provided.
The scope of the consent applies to every year that the statement is furnished.
You may obtain a paper copy of your 1099 form by contacting the Housing Authority at (425) 290-8499 and asking for the Finance department.
The consent may be withdrawn at any time by furnishing the withdrawal in writing (electronically or on paper) to the person whose name appears on the statement. Confirmation of the withdrawal also will be in writing (electronically or on paper).
Statements will only be furnished to the legal owner or representative of the account on file with the housing authority.
Recipient information may be updated in person at the housing authority offices or via email.
A current web browser is all that is necessary to access the statement.  Statements will be available online historically for the past 36 months, after which time they will only be available via request.